Wardrobe Remix


I'm trying Flikr out for my photos for the first time, so bare with me. I'm not sure if I have this all figured out. I'm tryiing to determine whether or not to make the switch or stick with Photobucket. (After writing this post, I'm still undecided...)

Here is today's outfit (don't you love my pics, take in my office restroom... sexy, right?). Now, normally, I frown on the matchy/matchy... but I find something sexy innorcent girl-next-store about this outfit. Maybe its the headband. Headbands always make me feel girl-ish, but I love them!


  • Sweater - K-mart ($7)
  • Shirt & Camisole - Old Navy (on sale)
  • Skit - Etsy seller deepoca
  • Shoes - Target ($7)

My Accessories:

  • Headband - Dollar store
  • Earrings - Made 'em
  • Necklaces - Avon/WM
  • Bracelets - Made 'em too



PS - Think I might be sticking with Photobucket...

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