Wardrobe Remix

I thought I would start a new little feature on my blog. It will probably be sporadic, although I will make my best efforts to post daily.

Anyway, I love the wardrobe remixes you can find on other blogs and on Flickr.
And I love clothes.
And I figured sharing my outfits might help me be a little more creative with what I have in my closet and spend less money. Ah, who am I kidding. I am such a clothes/shoes/purse whore... the only other thing I would rather spend money on is craft supplies.

So here is what I am wearing today...


It's amazing what a bright pair of tights, like these cranberry colored ones, can add to an otherwise plain outfit. Dress is new, from Walmart and the sweater is old, the belt is vintage. And the boots (from Kmart too!)... I love my cowboy boots! They look good with pants and I adore them with dresses/skirts!


And of course the accessories; hollywood sunglasses, lots of wooden bracelets for a POP of color. Pink pearl earrings and a fancy vintage-style gold necklace that matches my earrings pretty well.



So thats my outfit for today.
It was gloomy this morning, felt like fall... and this outfit is the perfect example of how to take a summer sun dress and turn it into something that can be worn well into autumn.

Expect more fashion-y stuff to come!

ETA - I met Hubs at the store today and he hadn't seen what I was wearing today.  He didn't recognize me at first and started checking me out.  My husband still thinks I'm hot! 


Tessa said...

love the outfit, i like unique things, i don't like to dress like everyone else and that outfit is different but its the good kind of different LOL :)

Heather said...

Love the outfit. This sounds like a great topic to post on. It's great that the majority of this outfit came from someplace affordable! cute!! :)

KelsyC said...

Thanks! Yeah, with the affordable... I am way TOO CHEAP to shop anywhere but Target, Walmart, Ross and Old Navy. Sometimes I'll shop the mall stores, but I only ever buy off the sale rack. If you are picky and get versatile pieces, you can really bulid a nice (and trendy) wardrobe. The trick is to stick to classic cuts and styles. And fits that work on YOUR BODY. Cuz lets face it, clothes that FIT will ALWAYS look better than the hottest trend. KWIM?

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