Wardrobe Remix

Today is a cheat.

Nearly everything I have on is new, save for the brooch in my hair. Oh, and my unds. But, with all the weight I lost, not many of my pants fit and Hubs has lost some weight recently as well. So, we decided to take advantage of Old Navy's $19 jean sale and each got a couple new pair. Hubs needed new pants badly... me, notsomuch.

This is my normal uniform. Jeans, t-shirt, heels and jewlery.

I picked out a nice comfy, roomy boot cut jean... they need to be washed so they shrink up, but I DO love a dark wash jean. Very slimming!

And of course the baubles! Again, you always HAVE to have that pop of color, especially when working with neutrals or solids.

A vintage brooch (that you may remember seeing before, its from Fun Junk) that I pinned in my hair.

So there ya go, I'd say I'm off to a pretty good start. Two days in a row and all. And I really like talking about my clothes. This is kinda fun, I think I might just have to keep it up!



Tessa said...

very cute! i am in need of a wardrobe switch up, but i love dark colors, black especially. i don't go completely gothic but i like to stand out and be different. Can't wait to what you come up with tommarrow!

KelsyC said...

The pressure is on..... now I HAVE to post something tomorrow! LOL!

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