Wardrobe Remix & A Discovery


I found this awesome site called Rollip. It converts your photos into Poloroids (for free!!!). You can also chose different designs and texts. It's a TON of fun to play around with, so don't be surprised if you see more of these nifty pics showing up on the blog. (Found thanks to cjane.)


This is my purple Walmart dress paired with hunter green tights. I know its hard to tell, but there is actually green in the plaid pattern of the dress. And topped that off with my Kmart boots. Hubs said I looked "funky... in a good way" and he humored me by taking the above pics for me. Oh, and the umbrella was an AWESOME vintage garage sale find.


PS - I do still intend to have the rest of our vacation pics posted on the blog tomorrow. A 5 day weekend leaves one with lots of catching up to do. Tomorrow, my dears!

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