What I Wore Today

A new wardrobe re-mix!  And okay, I'll be the first to admit I am a little over dressed for the pumpkin patch, but I was really hoping to score some good pictures.  Maybe a family one, but that didn't happen.  Oh well.  I'll share some of my wardrobe pics with you now!!

I look "gourd-jous" don't I?

*Photo Cred: Goose (She's getting quite good with the camera these days!)

*Photo Cred: Hubs


Shirt: Old Navy $4
Tank: ON $5
Skirt: Thrifted $10
Jacked: Tommy Hilfiger $35
Tights: HUE $10
Boots: Kmart $20
Scarf/Bag: Big Lots $5 ea
Belt: Big Lots $3
Jewelry: Charlotte Russe $.99 ea

PS - I plan on posting the rest of the pics from our Pumpkin Patch trip tomorrow, so check back for more pics... of Goose! LUVS and SWEET DREAMS!!!!

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