Just for Fun - Wardrobe Remix

Ya know how sometimes when you feel like crap, if you shower and get dressed up and act normal, you can subconsciously make yourself feel better? Well, I'm not sure if its true, but it worked for me today.  If you couldn't tell from my previous post, I've been feeling a little under the weather lately.


So, today at work we had a mediation and I thought I'd dress up a bit.  I hadn't worked a full day in a week, panic attacks, so I was anxious to get all snazzy.  Seriously, I woke up this morning and wasn't a shaky, nauseous mess, it was a good day!

I bought this shirt at VV when they were having their 50% Veteran's day sale. It's a little boys shirt, maybe a uniform? I don't know. I really liked the plaid trim on the pleats and even though the sleaves are a little short, I roll them anyway. The skirt was a hand me down from my mom... damn, she was skinny, that thing was kinda snug on me. Not sure if going with the cinched waist was the best idea, but I made it through the day without issue.


Started the day with a green sweater, lost that after a while. I wear a lot of layers, but I really don't like that layered feeling.  I'd rather be light and comfortable... the heater under my desk at work can keep me warm. :)


And of course, tights. Gotta have the tights this time of year. And then my surprisingly comfortable 4in booties from GoJane.  Add some sterling accessories and a pretty plaid flower in the hair, and I think I came up with a pretty cute outfit. Note to self (however): Do more crunches.  Yes, skinny gals have flab too.  I really should have worn my Spanx (okay, my cheap Target "Assets" knockoff.)

Yes, I am wearing bright yellow fingernail polish. Cheerful, eh?

Skirt: Hand me down
Shirt: VV $2.50
Tights: Walmart $5
Booties: GoJane $25


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