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Saturday was one month since Molly passed
and it has still hit us all pretty hard.

The other day, I cried when we got home and I didn't smell the stench of dog. My heart breaks a little every time I see the gate to the back yard open or when I leave a plate on the counter knowing it won't get doggy-napped.

And of course, none of this has been lost on Goose. She misses Molly too. Lately, all of the "family" pictures she has drawn include Molly. They didn't really when Molly was alive. Like the picture below...

Mommy, Daddy, Goose and Molly.

See the "blob" in the top left?
The one with the "halo?"
That's Molly.
In heaven.
Watching over our family.

And today she was talking to her Unca Micha (my brother) on the phone. She told him that our new dog's name is Mimi. (Note: Mimi is a combination of "Kiki" and "Molly", Goose came up with this all on her own!) He must have asked her if we were getting a new dog because she told him "No, my mommy's heart is still broken."

I teared up a little. But it's true, and that's what I told her. That Molly was really special to me and I'm just not ready for another dog yet. At least not until we buy a house (and we are contemplating some major changes that are not suited for pet ownership.)

It gets easier, not having a dog around. I must say though... I haven't had to go to bed with out Hubs yet. Molly was my security alarm. When Hubs was gone, I let her sleep on the bed. Right as my feet. And her ears would perk up and a growl would start in her throat...

Okay, I can't talk about it any more without crying like a fool and today has been a good day so far.

I may be back later with another crafty post.

Depends on if I can get it all done after dinner and before the...


ETA - Yes, it WAS 2 hours of Jack Bauer.
I'm really happy that they brought Rene back.
And she is all BAD ASS!
And Freddy Prinze Jr. is still HOT!
Even if he IS a pretty boy.
And what's up with Dana/Jenny? Scandalous!
I love 24!

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