New Years Resolution #1

Make it Cute!!!


Check out this awesome tutorial from Disney at Ruffles and Stuff. She meant for it to be a quick and easy last minute Christmas gift.... but I got a pair of these for Christmas, and they had these aweful bows with pompoms on the end. The poms were stiff and hard and got caught on stuff... ANYWAY, I remembered this tutorial and thought I would spice up my "granny slippers" with some vintage fabric and buttons!

This is my first New Years Resolution. Make it Cute!  From my slippers, to my hair styles... even my home.  I resolve to "make it cute," all of it. And on a dime too.  Cuz you all know about my unnatural love of the Dollar Tree.  I've already begun decorating for Valentines Day... and I haven't even taken all my Christmas decorations down yet!


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