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I wore an ALMOST completely thrifted outfit!

Although, at the moment, when I think about all the rad flannels I owned in the '90's I want to cry. I'm a North West girl. Straight out of Aberdeen to boot. I was raised with grunge and rock and Nirvana. I had an AWESOME collection of flannel shirts that I was given by my step-dad. If only I had never given them to Good Will.

See... this is EXACTLY why I never get RID of anything!!!


But lets just forget about all that.

My outfit today was completely thrifted, except for the boots.
I am sooooo proud of myself!


Shirt: Vintage, Fun Junk, $10
Belt: VV $.99
Boots: K-mart, $20
Jewelry: Sterling from Target, 50% off

I also used this tutorial to hem my jeans!
Quick and easy... just how I like!


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Alexa Mae said...

I want that shirt! love the whole outfit. and i also look at kmart once in a while and find some really good finds... love it!

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