One Big KISS

Jackie and Bender's 9th Annual
for Seattle Children's Hospital

Every year, my favorite radio station has a two day radiothon to raise money for the Uncompensated Care Fund.  Which means the money donated is put into a special fund so that NO CHILD will ever be turned away for treatment, regardless of their families ability to pay.

Seattle Children's Hospital features state of the art care by some of the leading Doctors in the country.
These Doctors are so committed to their cause they treat their patients as if they were their own children.
My family has never required such care, and I hope we never do.


I still give. 
$5, $10, $20.
Every year.
Whatever I can manage.
No matter how little.
Every penny helps!

I give for the children I know that are healthy.
I give for the children that are not.
The children that are missing out on their childhood.

"Such little people shouldn't have to deal with such big problems"
~KISS 106.1 Listener

So, if you can... I ask that you tune your internet radios to KISS 106.1 and listen to their inspirational, hopeful and heartbreaking stories. And if you can, GIVE!

I realize that this blog reaches a worldwide audience, so I know you may not be inclined to give to Seattle Children's.  So use this opprotunity to give to children in your area.
But also keep in mind, Seattle Children's is one of the leading children's hospitals in the country.
They have even recently opened a state of the art Autism Treatment Center.

All I'm saying, is you never know.
It could be your child.
A neice or nephew.
Cousin. Grandchild.

No one want to believe it can happen to them.
And maybe it won't.

Please give!

Here's how to donate:: <-- this link will take you to the donation site!
1.Through our secure online donation page hosted by Seattle Children's. The page walks you through the process -- it's easy!
2.Call 206-987-1061 or 1-866-987-1061 and donate to our volunteer team RIGHT NOW. We'll even read your name or your loved one's name on the air if you want us to! :-)
3.Bid on any one of our GREAT pieces of music memorabilia at our EBay Store!
Radiothon ends tonight at 7 p.m. PST!

PS - It is my intention/desire/hope to be able to donate some items for the Auction next year. Perhaps a custom mini album or 12x12 scrapbook. Or maybe even one of my nifty guest books. Or a memory box. Or maybe all four. It IS for a good cause, afterall!

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