WIWT - Casual Friday

I love my job.
I love the dress code at my job.

I work for an attorney but it's just my boss and I and he is pretty laid back.
We "wear our uniforms to Court," and since we "take what we do seriously" we don't have to dress that way all the time.

So really, for me, everyday is pretty much Casual Friday.
But personally, I like to dress up...
So most days, I get up early, shower, make-up, hair.
I usually have my outfits picked out in advance.
I have been known to plan out all my work outfits for the entire week on the weekend.
No joke.

Anyway, 99.9% of the time, out side of work, I am a jeans and tee kinda girl.
I like cardigans, jeans, and camisoles.
Hoodies and yoga pants could be lived in... if I never left the house.
The "mom" uniform, ya know?

It's versatile, easy to fall into... I get it.
But I also try to remember that I have to get dressed everyday,
I might as well dress in something cute.


No matter what, I always wear earrings.
A little promise I made to myself when I was preggo.

And... if you haven't noticed yet, I shop alot of sales and second hand.
I want to be an example to other moms that you can still dress cute (and be comfy!)
and not go broke.

A *new* version of my "Other Mother" necklace!!
I played around with the concept and think I really like this!
I'll have them for sale at my booth at Craft x NW!

Sweater: Steve & Barrys, $8
Shirt: Funk Junk, Vintage Lee, $10
Jeans: Macys, Grane, $25
Shoes: Target $10
Hat: Target $10
Jewelry: KelsyC-made
Sunglasses: Target, $5

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