Friday Was a Good Hair Day!

For me, curly hair is a dream.
And only a dream. 

I have quintessential Asian hair.
Thin, lots of it, and stick straight.


I think I found a technique to get my hair beachy, wavy, curly-ish!
Okay, here are my tips!

  • Wash hair at night. Allow to dry partially. You want your hair to be damp.

  • Apply hair gel. Brush to spread evenly. 

  • French braid. One or two braids is sufficient for short hair. If you have longer or thicker hair, I suggesst more braids. You want each braid to be about an inch wide or they won't dry completely overnight.

  • Apply a light misting of hairspray. I use this. It's magic.

  • Sleep.

  • Hairspray. Blowdry for about 5 min. Allow to cool. Hairspray again.

  • Take out braids. Fluff and hairspray.

  • Using a 1in. curling iron, curl random pieces. Apply hairspray both before and after curling.

  • Allow hair to cool completely.

  • Hairspray and fluff.

  • Using a small amount of shine serum, smooth and frizzy areas and ends.

  • Hairspray again.

  • Done!
So, you see, its quite an extensive process though,
actually quite quick and easy.
Since the hair is braided and dry the actual
morning style time is pretty quick.

This technique will also work for gals with naturally curly hair or for hair that holds a curl.
Same idea, just not as much product!.

Then, pop on a pretty JillofallTradesCRAFT flower headband and
you are Good to Go!

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