I went on a little Goodwill shopping spree yesterday.
And I was pleased to find everything 40% off!
I only spent about $15.

This trench was only $6.50.
Mossimo (from Target) and in nearly new condition!

And this dress... a whopping $4.
It has an Asian-language tag on it.

And this tunic, only $3.50

It looked like a traditional Indian kurta. It was definitely handmade.
It had slits up either side that went up pretty high, but it was pretty long,
Almost to my knees.
So, I decided to turn it into a dress.

Using hem tape, I sealed the slits on the side.
Then, I sewed some lace ruffles over the seams.
Last, I added another ruffle down the front and some pearl buttons.

Paired with black accessories (tights, shoes, belt) it looks pretty darn cute.
And did I mention it has pockets too? 
I lurve dresses with pockets!

I'm sure I will end up wearing my new dress sometime this week, so I will post full shots then.
I just really wanted to share my bargain finds with you.
I'm always so proud of myself when I score a great deal.

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