I Take Pictures

Got some outside time with Goose today while taking a break from packing.
I got some good practice in, using the manual function on my camera.
I am trying to get away from AUTO and perfect my "eye".

The sky, as seen from under a tree.

Azaleas in my garden.

Strawberries to be.

My Goose.

Marveling at a miniature leaf.
"It's so precious" she said.

The full moon through a crack in the curtains.
Okay, this wasn't from today, I took it the other night.
But I like it. And I wanted to share.

I did the photo editing in iPhoto and used Poladroid on a few.
Thanks for looking!

1 comment:

Shasta said...

Beautiful pics Kelsy! I need to do that too, and fool around with my camera settings more.

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