Crafty Cure for Boredom

It's crafty Tuesday, except on Thursday!

Felt magnets? On the fridge? Awesome!
I want butterflies. Like... tonight!

Refrigerator Facelift

I have a hutch that I have been planning on making over for a long time.  I really like how she removed the doors on this. I might have to steal the idea!

Hutch Make-Over

*WANT* I've always wanted to do this.  I think it would be awesome in a kids room.  I was planning on doing this to Goose's bedroom door anyway!

Chalkboard Door

DIY Crackle Paint Tutorial

I think I have this table.  I totally love this.  I wasn't planning on re-paint my table, I kinda like the dumpy chipped blue paint it already has, but this is way cute!

Table Re-Vamp

Lost most of my craft storage (and buttons, and paint and glitter and...) but this idea is super cute!
Once I build up my stash again, I might have to do this.

Creative Craft Storage

Fork Inspiration Board

Anthro-inspired Wreath

Love this chair! I have several chairs on my re-do list for the summer, so this tutorial will most likely come in handy!! In fact, my first project is going to be fixing the RED CHAIR for Goose's room.

Rocking Chair Re-Do


Tara Tallman said...

I am in LOVE with the forks!!! I may just have to do that one! :)

smile steady said...

I'm loving the anthro wreath. What a bunch of great ideas!

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