Introduction: The Summer of BIG Things

I know I normally post tutorials on Tuesday,
and I will continue to do so, but I wanted to take today to introduce you to my latest endevor... re-decorating my home!
Well, I guess it's not really re-decorating if it's never been decorated in the first place, right?  All my decorations and nick-knacks and what-nots were still at the old house.  With the exception of some large picture frames, pretty much all of my "decor" items were lost.  So, I have to start over. Fresh. From scratch.  Not that I'm complaining, its actually really exciting to have a clean palette to start with. 
I've had many "ideas" of what I want to do with my home.  Although, none of them have really been cohesive and I have been reluctant to start on anything.  That is, until the May, 2010 issue of Martha.  The COLOR issue. My ideas were inspired! And when ideas become inspired, for me, thats where the magic starts to happen.  Where the pen comes out and scribbles endless ideas and sketchs in my notebook. 

I finally have direction for my living room, my kitchen... I'm so very EXCITED! And Goose's room, I kind of already mentioned the RED vintage chair. (I am slowly gathering supplies. I found two matching twin duvets in the PERFECT color scheme.  One for the comfortor, and one to make some curtains and pillows, with help of GG, I hope...) Anyway, this isn't about Goose's room today, its about the total house make over. And Martha...
It's heavenly!
Everything I dreamed of, but could not put to words.
The color palate...
That blue!! Oh, that wonderfully striking deep muted blue. 

This color palate is everything I have been looking for. 
From the yellow, to the peach and the blue...
We own an antique china hutch that is very dated.
I have been wanting to paint it blue for a loooooonnnnngggg time, but haven't found the right shade.
In my head, I saw it... but everything I looked at was either too "primary" or too green.
This blue though, perfection.

I think I may paint my coffee table the same color.

So this summer, that is my plan.  Re-vamp my whole home. And on the cheap.
Furnature won't be too much of an issue. We have some good pieces that just need some paint.
Anyone know where to get a couch cover for a sectional couch?
We have a wonderfully retro ::sarcasm:: couch that has seen better days.
It's the best nappin' couch around, but...
it's UGLY!

This summer, my Tuesday posts will most likely be design related.
Housewares, decor items and the like.
There might be some other crafts mixed in.
I miss scrapbooking so much, but that is a post for another day. 

So, stay tuned. Not only will I be sharing my own projects.
And I will *try* to remember the BEFORE shots this time!
I will also feature cute tutorials as always.

I'm so excited to finally be inspired enough that I'm no longer afraid to paint my furnature. 
I have a plan and I know I won't regret it!

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