An Un-Blogged Craft Project

My craftiness is well known in the family and my skills are frequently recruited.  For the last wedding it was the beaded wine glasses for Tara's wedding and this time it was flower girl baskets for Cherish's wedding.  I got to make two of them and her wedding colors were some of my favorite colors to work with.  Pink and Black. Yummm. 

My mother in law and I went to Joann's to pick out the supplies, found cheap baskets, and spent too much on fabric.  I have a very shabby chic/unpredictable/vintage kitchy type style.  The general idea I had was to sew rosettes out of the various fabrics and attach them to the front of the baskets.  And for the inside, I glued in a fabric lining with the polka dot fabric.

I used the braided ribbon to cover the seam of the lining and the heart is to cover the part where the ends of the trim meet. Hot glue guns are amazing.  Invest in a good one, its totally worth it!

Once the flowers were glued in place, I used various sparkly embellishments for the centers of the flowers.  Then I added ribbon to the handle.  I only decorated the front, since that was the only thing people would see. 

And both of the girls did wonderfully.  They were too cute. And of course, were bestfriends before the weekend was over.

Both Goose and Naia got to keep their baskets.  I didn't add anything wedding specific to them, so they can be used again.  I'm thinking next Easter, perhaps?

PS - Sorry the pictures of the basket aren't better.  Camera situation is complicated right now. Taking pics on the cell phone is just easier.


Natalie said...

So adorable!

Tara Tallman said...

And I LOVE my wine Glasses! Thanks again! haha we dont drink wine so i dont really know what to do with them but they sure are pretty! ;)

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