Lovely Wednesday

Here are some pretty things. Things that make me smile.
Hope it helps get you through the week.
It's half over!! WOOT!

Panda Cappuccino!

There's just something about Lindsay.
I love her. I always have and always will.

Love... ::swoon::

I think this one is self explanatory.
(You might have to enlarge to see it)

Hot young mommy, Kendra and a RAD vintage style bikini.
Modcloth has a great selection of vintage style swim suits.

"sipping gin and juice, sitting underneath the palm trees"



Lindsay Miles said...

Yay, I was credited as a source on your blog! I'm excited!

I need that shirt. Small boobied, big butt ladies don't get enough love! :P

Julia said...

awesome pics!! :)

Alexa Mae said...

love the panda bear! you are so adorable. i saw that whole pin up vintage style shoot. i love all of their suits!

Jen said...

I think Katy is the only one in this whole wide world who can pull off that top and still look HOT!

KelsyC said...

With blue and purple hair to boot! I wish I looked that shimmery when I was naked. LOLOL

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