I Bet I Can Make These - Vol. III

I hate to spend money on things I can make instead.
Most of the time, I just don't buy things and never make them.
Here are some items I love right now and am currently brainstorming on how to DIY them.

Bow Embellished wool sweater

Chantilly Lace Cloche

Jumbo Paper Butterfly Chandelier

I can't figure out who makes it, but it's probably very expensive.
Shredded Cobweb Tee

Another one w/ no product info,
Cute though, right?
I *think* it might be by Coach.

I may like to shop, but I am very cheap frugal.
I shop Goodwill, sales, thrift stores.
I don't buy designer item, unless they are on sale (for a steal!).
But I do have expensive tastes!

So as any poor craftster would do...
I make them

ETA - Just saw these! OMG!
These are a definate DO!


1 comment:

megan said...

If you need, I have a paper shredder to help you make that Miley sweater.

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