Let's Unwind

To unwind from my day, I like to grab a glass of wine, my idea book and a few magazines.
I like to cut out cool stuff I want to try and make.
Pictures with fabulous colors or concepts.

Maybe I will sketch some things.

Most of the time, I park it on the floor and make stuff 'till my fingers are tired.

The other day, I made earrings.
Lots and lots of earrings.

I also tried my hand at a "bird's nest" necklace.
I've seen them on Etsy and all around the web.
These were specifically inspired by this.
And they were incredibly easy to make,
you just need lots of patience when working with wire.

Crafting is my outlet for all the crazy that floats around in my head all day.

Now go visit Julia,


Julia said...

ditto... i just can't seem to pull myself off my computer at night. and i often hate myself for it. i'm getting back on track. slowly

Lisa said...

I love the earring holder!
I wish I had the time and the energy to be so crafty!

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