Fit for a Princess

We finally got Goose a bed this weekend.
A princess bed of her very own.
She has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor... for months.

For her birthday in March, my mother in law wanted to get her a big girl bed.
We couldn't find time to go shopping and in April, we decided to move.
So, we told her we would just wait until we moved into the new house to get her a bed.
She still had her toddler bed anyway.

Then, our house burned down.


Her toddler bed and mattress were still at the old house.
But we were thankful that we didn't ever get around to getting her a new bed.
But unfortunately, it wasn't our #1 priority anymore.

We had to restock the kitchen.
And bathroom.
And buy a new vacuum.

So we just kept putting it off.
Goose never got her bed.

This weekend we decided ENOUGH is ENOUGH!
Our girl needs, nay, deserves, to have a bed of her own.

Hubs wanted to get a bunk bed or a trundle.
I wanted a day bed.
Something cute and girly.

And lucky for us (Goose, my MIL and I)
Hubs wasn't shopping with us.
So we got her something SUPER girly!

He wasn't too thrilled, but its not his bed.
It's Goose's bed.
And she loves it!

She can't wait to get curtains to hang from the canopy.
So she can have "privacy."
Her words, not mine.

She spent a good hour last night making her bed.
And arrainging her babies.

It was definately worth the wait.

Bed found here.
It was only $399 in store!

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