There is one certain blogger that I especially admire.

Her name is Alexa Mae.

She is so inspiring, with her writings on faith and motherhood.
Her story alone is one of triumph. Her husband suffered a debilitating stoke and he is now on the path to recovery.

I imagine that Maddix and Goose would be great friends. Giving each other tattoos and swimming in Maddix's little pool.  And her son Bronson? What a doll! He just started kindergarten and is on his way to breaking all the ladies hearts. I'm sure Goose would be smitten. She's a bit boy crazy these days.

Out of all the blogs I have ever read, Alexa is the blogger I would love to meet the most. I bet we would get along great! For one, she is just as clumsy as me. I was sure I was the only one in the world that was able to fall UP stairs. Her sarcasm, wit and charm are impossible not to like. 

I can see it now, the two of us sitting outside in the shade drinking lemonade and laughing. Watching the girls play "mermaids" in the pool or maybe picking on Bronson. Cuz that's what little girls do to little boys when they out number them.  We would be so immersed in our conversation that we wouldn't notice that the kids got out of the pool until we realize how quiet it had become.  We'd go look for the girls and probably find them in fancy dresses, jewelry, makeup and trying to put on nail polish. Something else little girls do.  Maybe we would play dress up too. And then put on some loud music, Lady Gaga please? and dance and sing like crazy people. 

Isn't her family lovely?

Her blog makes me feel good about being a woman, wife and mother. Despite the struggles she has faced she has remained strong. I know I can always go to her blog to read something to lift my spirits. Her humor and insight... I can't get enough!


Julia said...

wow. i've never seen her blog before!! so glad you shared it! I can't wait to check her out!

Kristen T. said...

Thank you for leading me to a great blog!

Alexa Mae said...

Kelsy! Are you serious? This totally made me cry. You are so amazing and I love you. You are right, that is exactly what will happen when we hang out. I can't wait to meet you in real life. Thank you for this, it brightened my week!! I needed this. Love ya girl!

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