Race Day!

11th Annual Shipwreck Beads Modified Nationals
Elma, Washington

My father-in-law used to race modifieds out on the dirt track for years up until he hurt himself a few years ago.  His business, Shipwreck Beads, is a huge sponsor of the race and we got to enjoy booth seats for the race this weekend. Steve and I have been going to the races for years, since we first started dating. Goose has gone a couple times this year and she loves it! We got to throw beads over the balcony to fans, sort of a promotional thing. Goose had a blast tossing them over the edge to the eager hands of the greedy kids below (who went so far as to hide their many strands of beads, and would then plead with you to throw them one because they didnt have any *greedy little bastards*)!

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