I like it on the hood of the car

You may have heard about the breast cancer awareness game around the interwebs this month. 
This years game is to post in your status where you like "IT."
IT being where you put your purse when you get home at night.

I don't know what in the world that has to go with breast cancer awareness, but its funny and cute and I participated.
"I like it hanging from the back of the chair in the kitchen."
And I thought it would work for a cute title of this post.

See... pretty basic purse stuff. 

Thrifted bag, notebook, ball point pen, fingerless gloves, fruity gum, 2 hair ties, bullet bracelet, (lots of) keys and cherry keychain, pocket mirror, mascara Cover Girl LashBlast, lipgloss by Sally Hansen, lipgloss by Cover Girl, 2 lip liners Maybelline (red and pink), lipstick pink NYC, lipstick Pearl L'oreal, all-day wear lipstck L'oreal (RED), Pepto, water bottle, and an owl wallet. 

Not pictured, my BlackBerry.
Cuz lets be honest here, it never leaves my hand!
Also, since we are being honest, I think I may be addicted to lip "stuff"

7 products? 7, really? Seven!?

Normally there would be more. 
My purse is relatively clean, I've been switching them up alot lately!


I know I'm late, but I wanted to do this one anyway.
Linking up!

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

haha didn't you just LOVE this facebook challenge :) too cute.

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