A Tiny Peek - #WIWT

I'm wearing several things I made today.
I try, everyday, to wear at least one handcrafted item.

Basic white tank from Target embellished with a pretty emboidered lace flower.  The flower came on a thrifted lace nightie.  It was awkwardly placed so I took it off and into the stash it went.  I added it to the plain tank for a little extra bit of spice.

Sorry this is flipped! Blogger keeps uploading it wrong! ::sadface::
Simple necklace.  Supplies from Shipwreck Beads.

Glass pearl earrings. Supplies from Shipwreck Beads.

Also flipped... boo!

I threw on this clip at the last minute this morning.  The yellow in my outfit was kind of an afterthought.  I thought it was perfect for this fall day though!
This piece is made from a canvas flower, burlap, feathers and a button.  I love it!
Flower from Oriental Trading Co. Burlap and vintage button from Fun Junk. Feathers, Joann's.

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