Ten Things I Learned During "No Make-up Week"

September 20-27, 2010
No Make-up Week. 

No Make-up Week was thought up by Rabbit Write to explore her thoughts and feelings about being a woman in society with a "naked" face.  I jumped on the bandwagon a little late and didn't start until Sept. 25th, but I did go for the whole week. 

Here are some things I learned...

1. My morning routine was shortened by about 30 minutes.  It was nice to just get up, shower and walk out the door.  The first day, I still did my hair (and had a really good hair day) but after that, I just got dressed and walked out the door. 

2. The first day was really hard.  Really hard! I wanted to put on something.  Just mascara... bronzer... lipstick... but I didn't. It was hard to resist even putting some lip gloss.  I stayed true and only used my Burt's Bees and moisturizer. 

3. Nobody noticed.  I expected to get at least one "you look tired," or an "are you sick?" but no one noticed.  And if they did, they didn't comment on it.  My husband noticed, but he likes me better with no make-up anyway.

4. There were no messy creams and removers.  Just a quick wash at the end of the day and I was ready for bed. I really hate the smell of that crap!

5. I felt like my day never really started.  I was missing a good chunk of my normal morning routine.  Even if it was nice to get the extra sleep, my body missed the extra time "waking up" in the morning.  I felt less prepared and more rushed.

6. I felt less professional.  At work, I just didn't feel like I was putting my best face forward.  It's not that I felt unattractive, but I knew I wasn't putting forth my normal effort.  Whether you wear make-up or not, when you put effort into your appearance, it boosts your confidence and it shows. I almost felt like I didn't have my full uniform on.

7. As the week went on, I cared less about my appearance.  I found I wasn't really making an effort at all.  I wasn't doing my hair or putting the same thought into what I was wearing.  I felt sloppy.  I think this kinda ties in with #6.  I was just not playing up to par.

8. Make up is expensive.  Even the cost of drugstore brands can add up.  I didn't save anything by just stopping for one week, but I can admit that I do have too many products.  I love color in all forms and make up is no exception.  Eye shadow is my favorite!

9. I touched my face. All. The. Time. I found, that without make up, I was touching my face all the time.  Rubbing my eyes, resting my face in my hands, messing with my bangs... when I have make up on, I am much more careful not to touch my face.  Don't want it to smudge!

10. Posting the picture was the hardest part.  I like my face. And my moles and my freckles, but I ususally Photoshop them out.  Even with make-up I airbrush out every little percieved imperfection.  I'm a little ashamed to say, I have even "airbrushed" Goose, but its true.  There I am, though, in all my no make-up glory.

So, no huge philisophical revelations or anything and I'd like to say I learned something new or that it will change my behavior, but no.  I'm glad it's over.  I'm back to wearing my "full face" and I still won't wear make-up on the weekends. 

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Jennie said...

My favorite part is your naked, adorable pouty face! This is awesome. To be honest, the only reasons I started wearing makeup in the first place was so that I would actually look like I was old enough to be a mom and so that I would have a reason to *not* touch my face all the time. I'm with you on that one! If I forget the eye makeup, I go rubbing. All day. It's bad news.

It's totally awesome no one noticed. That is a SERIOUS compliment! You're beautiful!

Julia said...

oh girl you are gorgeous!! i never wear make up and i love that it makes getting ready easier and shorter. but you're right, it can make me feel less professional. if it makes you FEEL pretty. and if that's all it does, it make be a big difference in your attitude!

Unpolished Parenting said...

I've never been a big makeup wear-er but I do understand what you mean by not feeling professional. That's awesome that you really challenged yourself to do that though!

Susan DiMickele said...

You are brave! Not sure I could do it -- i would feel naked at work w/o make-up. Happy WMW!

Gina said...

Totally agree, you are so beautiful without make-up. I, too, feel unprfessional and sloppy when not wearing make-up.

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