Crystal and Pearls

I've been feeling better this week and making some big changes.  I'm trying to keep myself busy though, to keep my mind and hands busy.  Idle hands, you know.  I've been spending my days while Goose is at school sitting in various cafes for free wi-fi.  We are counting down the days for our tax return to get here so we can finally get Internet at home.  Its been way too long and I have been feeling extremely isolated since I haven't been working.  Not being able to blog daily has been pretty rough as I have no other outlet.  Like I've said before, I just like to talk and my blog is the friend I tell my stories to. 

So I've been keeping my mind busy with Internet and my hands busy with beads.  I've been making lots of earrings to build up an inventory for when I am able to get my Etsy store online and I hope to do CraftxNW again this spring.  I'm going to enlist my mother-in-law (hopefully) to do the booth with me this time.  She is also preparing to launch a jewelry shoppe (which will be unabashedly pimped on my website once its open.) 

Last Monday I hung out with her all day and we made earrings.  Her craft room is to die for! And her bead collection, OH EM GEE! It's like heaven, not that you would expect less from the queen of the bead empire.  We are planning on making it a weekly thing.  Here is my favorite pair from our little get together.

And did I tell you I got a sewing machine for my birthday? NO!? well, I DID!!!  I couldn't be more excited.  It took me a month to get up the courage to turn it on but once I did, I was amazed,  I have no idea what I was so afraid of!  I've made a few things, with patterns and without.  Putting my bits of fabric to good use.  I've got some projects done, but nothing photographed.  I'm so excited about the new crafty doors that have been opened and all the pretty new supplies I have to buy! 

I've also got a new outfit post coming up soon and some recent vintage finds.  Oh, and a little thing I am working on for Elsie and Rachel's Project Restyle (Flikr group here). 

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