Studio Tour

 Heres a little peek at where I spend my Monday's. 
This is my Mother-in-Law's craft studio and it is AH-mazing! 
 I could spend all day every day in here (and there is wi-fi!!) crafting and hanging out. 

It's spacious with tons of counterspace and tables so you can really spread out.
Every tool and supply you could want can be found (somewhere) in this room.

There is tons of stoarage space and a drool-worthy collection of beads of every kind.
Precious metal, stone, glass, vintage, crystal.
You name it, we got it! 

I know it looks messy, but we each have our own work space.
Lisa' (on top) is a bit neater than I am.
I tend to spread out with piles of pretty things in front of me.
You never know when or how inspration will strike.

Crystals and pearls are my favorite beads to work with. 
And I keep staring at those sea-green glass rings. 
They are vintage and beautiful and I have no idea what to make with them.

Here is Lisa's computer station. 
She keeps excellent records of all the product we use. 
She uses a program called Bead Manager Pro
Its great and I highly reccommend it for anyone who is selling their beadwork. 

And lets not forget the view.  Gorgeous, right? 
Who wouldn't want to craft here all day? 
So if it's Monday, here is where you'll find me!

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ToccaraFeliciano said...

seems like an awesome place to hang out! That is so sweet that you have your own space there! I wish I had a crafty mother in law!lol

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