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I bought some new rugs for my kitchen yesterday at Target. They are the woven kind without any rubber on the bottom to keep it from sliding on the linoleum. So I went to look at the no slip mats to put under them. The no slip mats were $2.99 for an 18x30 piece. And since I got 3 rugs, I needed three of the mats. More than I wanted to spend, no biggie, whatever. Then I had to get dog food. On my way to the pet section I passed the kitchen department and there was a display of drawer liners. Well, as I'm sure you know, they make no slip liners to put inside of the drawers. It caught my attention, not because I needed it for my drawers, but because it looked suspiciously similar to the no slip carpet mat. I inspected them both in great detail and wondered what the hell the difference was. Other than color (the drawer ones came in a variety of colors, including red, which matched my new rugs) and price, $3.99 for a 18in. x 5ft piece, there wasn't any. So I bought the drawer liner insead, took it home and trimmed it into three pieces and WA-LA, my rugs don't slip. They are the same. So remember this next time you go shopping for new rugs and you will save your self a couple of dollars.

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Tip Junkie said...

I posted your tip today! It's amazing. Thanks for taking the time to submit it.

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