Exciting News!!!

I had something HUGE happen at lunch today. Its payday, so, naturally, I had to go to my favorite LSS, The Squeaky Page. Like I do nearly every payday. Check out her new products and buy some "must haves."

A while back I had brought some LO's in for the owner, Paige, to see. Actually, it was these LO's I wanted to show her. I bought the PP from her and I was, scratch that, AM really proud that I was able to use it on 4 LO's. She loved them and told me that they were thinking of getting some new design team members for the store and that she would let me know when they had some openings.

Well, today was the day. I went in and she told me that her daughter (who is in charge of the DT) wanted to get some fresh blood and asked if I could bring some LO's in on Wednesday to show her. They hand out the DT kits on the first Wednesday of every month. So, I still have to bring my stuff in but Paige was pretty confident that her daughter would like my work!

I left the store and literally started screaming and doing a happy dance in my car. I probably looked pretty ridiculous but I don't really care! I am just SO EXCITED about this. I have wanted to get involved in a DT somehow and I have always been too intimidated to even try. Without the ladies on ASP I would have never had the confidence to bring my work to the LSS in the first place.

I called my mom and told her about it and I don't think she understands what a big deal this is for me. She was pretty much like "Wow, who would have thought. Scrapbooking..." Yeah, thanks mom. Burst my bubble. And unfortunately, Steve will probably have a similar reactions. What is it about non-scrappers, huh? They just don't understand!

But hey, thats what online friends are for, right?

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Kristi said...

Kelsy - SO excited for you! I would have totally been doing the happy dance, too. Can't wait to see the "official" announcement! ;)

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