And some good days too...

Thanks for internet friends. I swear, I sometimes wonder if I would ever talk to people if it wasn't for the 'net and the people I have met here. It's amazing to me how people will reach out to someone, some one they have never met in a time of need. And whether on a a big or small scale... oh man... I am getting off track. Anyway, thank you so much Kat for the wonderful little sock monkey you sent me! She has most definately ended up in a good home. Well, as long as I am able to keep her hidden from my two year old! LOL!
Damn, I really hope I just look that exhaused in the pic.

Kisses from... damn, she needs a name. Lizzy. I don't know why, just came to me, like a vision. No, I am beind a dork. I do like Lizzy though, I think I'll keep her!

Lizzy and I have the sname ears... check it out. Okay, so forgive the bad pic and that was my first time ever using the self time. So, I'm pretty proud. Or, maybe I just didn't want you to see my giant monkey ears.

Anyway, thank you so much Kat for really brightening up my day!!!



Andrea said...

That is freaking awesome!! How sweet of Kat.. Hmm the monkey does kinda resemble you! ;)

Julia said...

so cute!! great job Kat!! you look just like her in that last pic!! ;)

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