Kindness of Strangers

I went to Jack in the Box today to get a smoothie and some curly fries and after I waited in the impossibly long line, ordered, gave her my debit card and she ran it. Invalid! Are you KIDDING me?? Its a brand new card and then it dawned on me that I had taken my current card out of my wallet when I got gase yesterday. I don't know how they got switched.

So here I am, with a line of 10+ people behind me and the cashier asking me if I have any other money? I shook my head, on the verge of tears, and she said to hold on and went and got the manager.

The manager, thank goodness, was sympathetic and let me have my lunch anyway, with a promise that the next time I came in I would pay it back. This isn't a Jack in the Box I go to frequently, but I think I will at least send her a thank you card. She really made my day!


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