Goals for 2009

1. Clean and organize my craft room.
2. Learn to sew and actually sew something.
3. Get current on all of the SMS LO's I still have to do!
4. Make more stuff for my Etsy store.
5. Advertise my blog and Etsy store better.
6. Take LOTS and lots of pictures.
7. Try not to yell as much when I am angry.
8. Take more day trips with Goose.
9. Fall in love with Hubs... all over again... everyday.
10. Learn to accept the things I cannot change and change the things I cannot accept.
11. Buy (or make) handmade! (or second hand)
12. Design business cards and a logo for my Etsy store.
13. To tell myself, every day, that I am GOOD ENOUGH!
14. Cut back on craft spending and use things I have on had or use vintage "stuff".
15. Become a domestic blogging diva.
16. Eat better and exercise more.
17. "Shop" from home and make-over furniture I already own.
18. Leave more comments on the blogs I visit, especially friends.
19. Be little more self centered and a little less concerned about what people think of me.
20. Give more of myself to those that I love.


1 comment:

Leingang Crew said...

hey thanks!!! Makes me feel better! In L&D right now. Yay!!!

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