Mega Monday Weekend Wrap-Up

Whew... that was a lot of posts in a row. I feel all worn out! Ha ha ha. But seriously, I had a pretty good weekend! Sunday was blah... doing laundry, folding it, putting it away ... all while Hubs was on the computer (he was supposed to be doing dishes). Whatever, story of my life.

Sometimes I don't feel like I'm cut out to mother both a toddler and an adult child (Hubs). He's definately not as bad as some husbands, and I love him to death, but it would be nice to have a little more help every once and a while. I feel like I do everything, plight of the working modern mother, right? Have it all, be it all...

Um..... riiiiiiiiight.

So Sunday I put my foot down. Hubs wanted to work on his quad out at his parents and I wanted at LEAST 2 hours uniterrupted in my craft room. I was nearly in tears requesting this. Goose can (sort of) scrap with me, but I need some ME time! Desperately. Away from the "whys", away from the terrible temper tantrums (in which throwing is invloved, usually whatever item of mine is closest to her at the time), I love her but I was at my wits end and just needed some peace and quite.

Not to mention said child has been consistantly getting up at 6:30 every morning for the last week. Lets just say Mommy is a little cranky.

Hubs headed out early in the morning and was home by "naptime". I think Goose is ready to give up her nap. She still needs them, but she doesn't want them. And even if SHE doesn't need them MOMMY does!

So after she was tucked in (although Hubs said she didn't sleep a wink) I disappeared into my scrap lair and crafted to my hearts content until dinner. Then, after she went to bed (very early... she was tired and being a little brat) I went back upstairs and scrapped some more.

I felt so calmed by it all. Getting paint and glue on my hands, scraps of paper in my hair, I guess its a little theraputic for me. Not to mention the silence... did I mention how quiet it is upstairs?

So check out my last few posts to see everything I got done yesterday!



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sarah said...

yeah, this is definitely a sad story. i heard about it and my heart broke.

i really don't understand how anyone could do this to their own child. it left me in shock.

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