A few holidays ago (or birthdays, perhaps it was an anniversary), I made Hubs this special little album.

Yes... it is the kind of album you think it is. It has the pictures in it you think it does... and therefore I will only post the cover to give you a taste. The pics inside are a little more x-rated than anyone other than Hubs should be seeing, :")

So, since we were so broke this year, I made him Vol. 2. He loved it and said he can't wait to see what Vol. 3 looks like. But we haven't taken the pictures for that one yet. ;)

And in the pull outs I put some special little coupons,

Every day I am thankful for the invention of digital cameras and at home printing. And as for Hubs... I think everyday, he is thankful for a wife like me.

PS - I gotta say, I'm pretty thankful for him everyday. It's not like I would let just anyone take nekkid pics of me. Ha ha ha!

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SSShasta said...

That's awesome Kelsy!

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