Thursday. Thursday.


It's Thursday, the week is almost over and I am itching for the weekend to get here. It's supposed to be sunny which means we don't have to stay inside all weekend. Yippee!

I love NBC's Thursday niht line up, although I am feeling especially creative today. I have to balance TV time with scrappin' time to keep Hubs happy. And since The Office is one of our shows, I really make an effort not to stay in my scrap-lair all night.

There are three nights a week that are TV nights with Hubs and I, where we cuddle on the couch. Or more likely, I cuddle on the couch with the cat and Hubs f*cks around on his ATV forums. I really should give more credit though. He makes a point that during 24 and The Office to sit with me (actually, I whine until he gets off the computer) and we cuddle and sometimes have popcord.

It's Wednesday nights that I especially make a point to watch TV with Hubs though. He absoulutely hates/loves LOST. Hates, in that he wouldn't watch it if not for me and loves, because its just an entertaining show. I make him watch it because I find it actually keeps his bitching about the show to a minimum. He likes to complain about this show and its worse when he doesn't watch or misses an episode. But I find if I make him stay up to date he complains less. Secretly, I know he likes this show.

Believe me, I understand the love/hate relationship one can have with LOST. I have been a loyal follower since the begining and every episode leaves me saying "HUH?" or screaming "Nooooooo!" at the TV because I'm not ready for the show to end. And that there is the difference between Hubs and my love of this show. He hates that every show leaves more questions than it answers and I love that about this show. That and I have supreme faith in "Darlton" (true Lost-ies will know what I'm talking about) that when the show ends next season that it will blow up out of the water.

Did anyone watch LOST last night? OMG! OMG! OMG! I won't say anything but the previews have me SUPER excited for next week's episode. Looks to be a good one and I can't wait.

And in Office news it's a re-run tonight. I'll probably still be watching. I can't get enough of The Office and besides, Office re-runs are still better than whatever else is on, for sure! So maybe I will get some crafting in tonight after all!

Happy Thursday to you!


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Julia said...

oh man, i wish we lived closer... we could have LOST and office parties all the time! My hubs got me hooked on Lost and like i said, I'm hooked!! office too... bummer for re-runs, but it's still freakin' hilarious!!!

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