Happy Birrthday's to Wish,,,


I'd like to wish two very important people in my life a VERY happy birthday today.

First to my Dad,
Happy 39th ;) ;) Birthday.
Hope it's a great one. Goose and I will give you a call later to make sure you had a great day! I wish you weren't so busy so you could spend more time with the both of us. But I will never forget that when I was a child, you never missed a game (or a practice) and you were always involved in what I was interested in. Thank you for instilling in me punctuality (although my spouse happens to be chronically late...), cultivating my love of art, and the knowledge that NOTHING is more important than your family and your children.
I love you! No matter what...

And to my Dear friend Erin (that's right, not Grace)and trusted keeper of my child, today at least... Happy 25th Birthday! Please remember that no matter what I will always be here for you. Many years ago, when we first met, I never imagined we would ever become so close, but you are my best friend. You are a wonderful mother and its OKAY to want to gain back that part of you that you fill is missing. Babies are a blessing but they take a lot of work. Don't forget to work on yourself too!
Love you, girl!


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