Sometimes I forget...

...that there are other people out there, other than me I mean, that are reading my blog.

I know, its out there for the whole world to see but sometimes I don't think about it. For me, this is my outlet, kind of an online journal of sorts, a gallery of artwork if you will, a place to just let things out. I guess I have taken for granted that I am NOT the only one reading this, naive, I know.

A few examples...

When I showed up at the retreat and Lori commented on "the yellow shoes".
"What?" I said "I love my yellow shoes!"
"I know," she said, "you just blogged about them."
*Blog... right... damn*

Or when I showed up in the yellow scarf and Shasta complained that she was "dying" to see the purple one. I laughed and told her I brought it, but in my head I was thinking "How did she know about my scarf?"
*Blog...oh yeah*

Even the other day, I dropped off invites (have I posted them yet? No? I don't think I have) for Goose's party and upon opening the envelope, my mom commented on my new obession with Gnomes and woodland creatures.
"How did you know about my Gnomes?" I asked
"Your blog..." she said with a bewildered look on her face, "I do read it."
*Right...blog...how could I forget*
Even my mom reads my blog.

Who else reads my blog (and why don't they leave comments?)? Not that I care, its public for all to see. But, I have to admit, it is kind of odd when someone knows something about you that YOU haven't told them specifically. Odd, indeed.



SSShasta said...

This happenes to me too!! I getout something to show people and they say, "Umm, I've already seen that!!" LOL :) C'mon, COMMENT already people!!

Crystal said...

LOL. I read your blog, Kelsy. It's kind of like having stalkers isn't it?

Julia said...

haha... i read your blog every day Kels! love it!

Keels said...

I read it too Kelsy!! LOL!!

roxybonds said...

me too! on my must read list!!!

Carolyn said...

I read! I'm just catching up today. Love the layout, so cute.

It always surprises me when people say they read my blog, too. I sort of cringe remembering all the neurotic things I've posted. :)

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