Summer Plan - Step One

Bikini Body!

Okay, so you may know that I lost a TON of weight due to panic attacks last year to the point where I was smaller than a size 2. From July '08 to October '08 I went from a size 12 to a size 0/2. That's smaller than I would like to be, ideally a 4-6 would be perfect. But I want to get there the right way.

For a while I was doing really well, walking everyday to help with the anxiety. And since I was puking so much with the panic attacks, I had rock hard abs. But now that the med have kicked in, no puking and I have kinda slacked off on the walking.

So... like I said, I have been trying to gain a little weight. And, well, I have, by way of junk, fast food and sweets. And I'm not sure I like it so much. My stomach "pooch" is coming back and I've definately got more junk in the trunk. I don't mind about that though, I was missing my bubble butt!

I'm determined though, not just to gain (some) weight, but to get in shape and be healthy too. Because, let me tell you, I have not gained this weight the healthy way and it shows. Here is my plan to get bikini ready for summer. I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible.

1. Walk at least 3 times a week for at least 20 min at a time.
I need to start walking during break time again!
2. Do 25 situps everyday.
I can do this while watching TV!!
3. Cut back on sweets and junk foodand eat more fresh veggies and fruit.
This shouldn't be too hard this time of year. I'll even take it one step further and attempt to get my fruits/veggies from the Farmer's Market that just opened. YAY for April!
4. No food after 8 pm.
This one will be the hardest for me, since I tend to wait to have dessert until after Goose goes to bed to avoid "sharing." Have you ever tried to share dessert with a 3 year old? Shit ain't easy!
Sounds like an easy enough plan, right? It's the sticking too it that I am never good at. Wish me luck! I really want some six pack abs before summer!



Tessa said...

you went from a size 12 to 0/2, wow, i really need to lose some so i can look better in a bathing suit

KelsyC said...

Wish I could say I was proud of that, but I was REALLY sick. But hey, what can I say, bulimia works. I know, not funny, but w/ the panic attacks I was throwing up all the time! It was like being pregnant but with no baby!

Julia said...

good luck!! you can do it!! i know what you mean about sharing with a toddler... i want the ice cream all to myself!! :)

Toccara said...

Don't feel bad when I had my two children only 16 months apart and 1 year and four months, and the other was a newborn I was overwhelmed at times and I suffreed from panic attacts or anexity attacts. they are the worse I I had got really skinny to because you don't eat well and whatever you do eat it does come up so I would be balled up in the bathroom with the lights off crying and just getting all worked up, heart beating out of control sweating and all but I did get over it with the own methods because I refused to take medicine I have a very high tollerence for meds and extra strength tynelol is too much for me so I have to use other methods. But I am glad you are feeling better.

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