Crafty Mommy Saves the Day!

Goose loves trains.  

At Grandma's house (MIL) there is a train set that used to belong to Hubs and his brother when they were kids.  Goose will play with them for hours, arranging the tracks "just so" and setting up the trees and signs.  Magnets hold the aged wooden train cars together and they slide smoothly through the grooves in the old tracks.

As I was browsing the isles of Big Lots on my lunch break, as I do from time to time, I came across a small plastic train set.  $5, three cars, two animals, nothing too fancy.  I immediately thought of Goose and bought it for her.

So I wait excitedly all day until it was time to go home and i make Goose try and guess what it is I bought her.  She doesn't get it, but screams "My very OWN train!" as soon as I show her the box.  Hubs manages to manhandle the toy from the box without breaking it, it's amazing the effort companies take in order to avoid someone shoplifting a $5 toy... tangent... anyway...

Then Goose starts to cry"Where are the tracks? I want tracks!"

I try to explain that it was just the train and she points out that there are tracks on the box.  Of course there are, damn them.  So she still doesn't understand why there are no tracks and I know its going to be impossible to explain/argue it all to her.

That's when Crafty Mommy springs valiantly into action.  Armed with not but a black marker, clear tape and a roll of kraft paper, I jump bravely into battle.


It still wasn't until I had finished drawing the tracks that Goose finally "got" what I was doing. Then she was completely fine with the whole situation, include the cheap plastic train. LOL!


Then we attacked our tracks with crayons and drew in some beautiful landscaping, including a lush forest and a sparkling blue pond, complete with its very own pirate ship (Goose's idea). I think there may have even been a rolling field of wheat. We drew on it after I took these pics though and our (okay, mainly mine) artwork is nothing short of terrible. LOL!

So, while this may not be some of my best work, it made my 3 year old stop crying so that is good enough for me (it's ALWAYS good enough for me)!



SSShasta said...

Awww, gotta love stuff like that :) Way to save the day, Mom!

Andrea said...

Yay for you! I would never think of something so clever!

Julia said...

so cute!! my MIL is making hannah something like that out of felt... that would be an awesome project too!!

~Erica~ said...

Super cute!

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