More Good News for Civil Rights!

Vermont Passes Gay Marriage Bill



Toccara said...

I am not for two of the same sex to get married but I do think that people have the right to do what they want. I have not hidden the fact that I belive in what the bible teaches but I have never scolled or put any hatred aganist anyone I have cousins who like the same sex and, and sister in law who is engaged right now to her girlfriend. I love them all and have never judged them. God loves everyone and he does not hate the person he hates the acts and we all do things that are not right a lot of the time but hey that is why Jesus died to forgive all present past and future sin. We are all accountable and have to give an account whether good or bad. I hate religious leaders who are going all over the tv saying mean things about the situation. I think if they are really so "Holier than thou" they would know that this is inevitable there are a lot of things that must come to pass before true greatness will come so if you don't allow fate to take place how can you get to the what is in store for those who obey. I know not everone is a beleiver and that is totally ok but I think people are kinda drawn back because people who believe in God are so religious that they are stupid and noone wants to deal with them, or have anything to do with God if this is how it is where they tell people they are going to hell and god is going to punish them and just be mean! If you ever watch A movie about jesus he was so kind and loving and he touch and healed people even when they had leporsy which was like the worse disease you can think of and he touch them and he cared for them. None is showing that kind of love and they are claiming to be christians! It makes me upset because I am a christian and I and am trying my best to set a good example and there are lots of people doing the same but people who confess somthing they are really not overshadows us. I hope leaving this comment helps others to know there are good God believing people out here. Jesus Got upset once in the bible and it was when the money changers were selling and trading by the temple when they were supposed to be there to spend time with God. How many churchs today have bookstores in the church and advertising the latest book you can get after services and not finishing the service you can hear the rest on tape or CD that you have to buy at the bookstore in chruch and they have a nerve to be judging people who want to marry the same sex. take a look at yourself first. Thanks Kelsy for psoting the Gay marriage Bill article.

SITS Girls said...

Hey, I'm posting egg dying pics today too!

Your blog is so stinkin' cute, I can't stand it!!!


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