Wonderful, Tonight.

Hubs was making steaks when I got home from work today.  As he cooked, Goose and I took a quick walk around the neighborhood. The steaks were delicious and the house was hot as heck. So after dinner, we had dessert (popsicles!) on a blanket in the front yard. 

Goose is so entertaining. She was flipping and rolling and making a total fool of herself. 
That girl makes me smile!


Hubs and I watched her wear herself out.  
She went to bed @ 7:30 tonight!  And that never happens!



This is my family! Aren't we cute? Did you puke in your mouth a little? Sorry :-P


I'm so happy the weather is nice!  It's all flip-flops and popsicles from here 'till August!  Except that tonight's news said that Wednesday it's supposed to rain. Damn it!  Oh well.  The sun will be back, I'm sure of it.  Eventually.  Right?  Ha ha ha! You never know in this neck of the woods!


roxybonds said...

I did not puke- but i DO LOVE the fam pic!!!!!!!!!

SSShasta said...

That is an ADORABLE family pic, and yes the weather right now is FAB! :)

sarah said...

you guys are so adorable!! i love the family pic in the grass!!!

and yea, i slightly puked in my mouth when i read that. haha. jk! :)

hope you are doing well!


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