The Next 10 Years - A Love Story

Today is Hubs and my 10 year annaversairy. Not of marriage, only at 3.5yrs there, but of togetherness. I remember the first time I saw him, my freshman year of high school. "Steven V_____ is SO HOT." And his parents owned the bead store. And he was a great dresser. And SO CUTE!

Apparently, he thought the same of me. He told me the first time he noticed me were at class elections. I was running for class president. I didn't win. But Future Hubs notice my legs. He's always been a leg-man.

I was best friends with Hubs best friend freshman year. I shall dub him "Axel Bill". He was the one that introduced us. I thought he was SO CUTE! But probably totally out of my leauge. He was in with the popular clique and I was/am a self-proclaimed dork. Hot... but nerdy none-the-less, and my friends were the same (only less hot). To this day, Hubs still calls me "Queen of the Nerds."

We didn't actually meet in "that way" until the Freshman Dance at the begining of our sophmore year. The Frosh dance was held at the begining of the school year. All the upper-classmen dressed as slutty/weird as possible to try and scare the freshman. Oh, if I could only show you what Hubs was wearing... hot pants, soccer socks, a vest (no shirt) and a tie. Axel went in a dress (and he had long-ish hair and some dude actually hit on him!)

Hubs and I danced several times and in my head I vowed to myself that I would make it my goal to "hook up" with him by the end of the year. I had just gotten out of my first serious relationship and was swearing off boys completely. A committed relationship was the last thing I was looking for! Hubs pretty much felt the same way.

But thats how love gets you. When you aren't looking. Unsuspecting. A week later we met up at a church dance. It was HORRIDLY lame and the group of us left. Walking several blocks downtown to the local fountain. We were in our clothes and got completely soaked. Then Axel lost his wallet. While everyone else was looking for his wallet, Hubs and I stood on a street corner, his arms around me. We didn't share our first kiss then, but remember looking up into my eyes and knowing in that moment that I loved him.

Now at 15 could I have told you we were gonna be together this long, get married and have a baby? Or should I say, get pregnant, get married and have a baby. No way. This is the last thing I ever suspected that night, September 11th, 1999.

So here we are. It hasn't been easy and we've certainly have had our bumps along the way. But I am really looking forward to the next 10 years? Look at all the happiness the first 10 has brought me!


I am SO in LOVE!

Have a wonderful weekend!

PS - I would like to say THANK YOU to all of our service men and women who have fought and are still fighting in the middle east. Today is a day of great sorrow and as Americans' we can NEVER forget. We must always support the people who fight for our country and the sacrifices they face to defend the values that the American people hold dear and true. THANKS!!!

ETA- Goose has her Daddy's eyes.  She has my dimple and smile.  She is the perfect mix of the two of us.  I am in constant wonder and amazement that we created such a beautiful being.  I never wanted to be a mother.  Not even when I was pregnant.  But it wasn't until they placed her on my chest that I learned what unconditional love really is.

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Lindsay Miles said...

Haha. I'm browsing your blog. This is so cute.

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