Wardrobe Re-Mix

Yes, it's after Labor Day.

And Yes, I am wearing white.
And Yes, I make it look good!
It's all in the accessories, ladies!

I'm rocking the jeans-tucked-into-boots look today. Love it. And I think I finally discovered a trick. I've never been able to tuck my jeans into my boots. No matter how I fold, roll, nope, too fat. So, I tucked my pants into my socks. GENIUS! Now they fit into my boots. Duh! Don't let the brown hair fool you, my roots (aka my mom) are blonde!



Jeans: Aeropostle $15
Sweater: Target $8
T-shirt: Target $5
Coat: Ross $20
Boots: K-mart $20
Scarf/Purse: Big Lots $5 each
Random Cheap Baubles


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