Dollar Store Gloves

So my mom bought some really neat finger-less gloves from Target the other day. I am totally jealous. And I had just been to Target earlier that day. I guess it wasn't meant to be. Meh, I'm sure I'll buy them once they go on sale. Anyway, I wanted a pair. And then the lightbulb went off in my head. I could always try to make a pair.

I found these cool arm-warmer gloves at the Dollar Tree. They are the same as the cheapie knit gloves but they go all the way up your arm and you can kinda scrunch them down. I got a bunch of colors before I even got the idea to try this out just cuz I thought they were super cool.


Taking each glove, I folded the fingers inside themselves and pinned them down, leaving the top open so I could still sew them. Once each finger was sewn, I turned the gloves inside out and snipped the fingertips off.


I made sure each glove matched up and hand-sewed about a quarter inch seam on the inside of each finger. I didn't really know what I was doing re: knit/sewing, I've never really worked with it before. So I have to tuck in my seams and they look a little scrappy. Any tips on finishing them up would be greatly appriciated.


I still think they turned out pretty cool, and they were pretty easy too. I definately dig the fingerless gloves. And the fact that I only spent $1 on them makes it all the better!


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Shasta said...

Very cool!

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