What I Wore This Weekend


I found this coat at Value Village for $10.

It was a men's XXL and WAY way too large for me. Even belted, I'm petite and I was swimming in it. So... I decided to alter it. I am NOT a seamstress. I don't sew. I own a sewing machine but I don't know how to use it.

The thought of cutting this awesome jacket terrified me, but I decided to try my hand at a full scale alteration. Using a jacket I owned, I made a template and pinned everthing to place. Making the first cut was hardest, the point of no return. It took me several episodes of the Office on Netflix, but after a few hours I had this AWESOME tunic/jacket that not only FIT but looks super CUTE!

As a dress - belted with leggings (confession-I promised myself that I would never be caught dead in leggings... bah!)


With jeans, still belted. Basically the same outfit as above but with jeans instead of leggings. Definately more my style! With a "vintage" Dooney & Burke that I am "borrowing" from my Mama.


Did I mention I love thrifting?

AND just an FYI for all you thrifters out there... all clothing at Value Village is %50 this Wednesday, Veteran's Day... I'm sure I'll be there.



PS - Sorry there are no before pics... I suck. I forgot. Maybe next time...

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Bobbi said...

I LOVE THIS! My girls and I go thrifting and then refashion what we find all the time. It is so fun! You need to break out that sewing machine....what fun you would have!

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