One Day Closer to Friday

And it just happens to be
Working Mom Wednesday!

Here is today's question...

What one (or two, or three, or four....) household chores do you loathe?

Um... all of them? Can I say that?
I hate anything domestic. I detest chores.
But it has to get done, ya know?

I tend to be in charge of laundry. Sorting, washing, drying, folding, putting away; mundane loathsome laundry. Actually, I really only put away Goose's clothes and towels. The rest just kinda hangs out in laundry baskets. Hubs is actually much better about putting his laundry away that I am. I am perfectly content digging through basket after basket of folded clothes.

It's the dishes, though, that I really despise. I won't/don't do them. Ever.
Hubs gets dishes and I get laundry. The only problem is... he hates doing dishes as much as I do. So, needless to say, our kitchen is a perpetual disaster zone.

I also don't cook. I can cook. I'm not terrible at it. I love to bake. But as far as meals, I am pretty much tapped at Spaghetti and Macaroni/Tuna Casserole.
Hubs does 90% of the cooking in our house.
He's just better at it than I am. That and I don't cook meats.
I eat them, but the smell of raw meat cooking is just icky. Especially chicken.

And we eat way too much takeout.

Dusting is meh.
Cleaning the bathroom is just gross.
I hate being on my knees scrubbing.
Mopping and window washing are forgotten.

Vacuuming, though, I like to vacuum.
Maybe it's cuz it reminds me of my dad (he used to work for Hoover.)
Maybe it's the way the motor is so loud you can't hear anything but your own thoughts. Pushing it back and forth, getting sweaty... and then laying on the clean carpet.
Like a snow angel.
I get a lot of satisfaction out of it. I don't know why.

So there ya go. My chore confessions.
Let it be known, I am the most un-domestic woman in the world!

PS - I will be cooking dinner tonight.
Hubs is sick today so I have to step up to the plate.


Julia said...

i love this post. and yes, nothing better than laying on a freshly vacuumed carpet!! :)

love you miss kelsey!!

p.s. do you want to be a featured working mommy sometime?

TAMMY said...

Dishes are my most dreaded chore too! Good thing I have kids to do it for me! ;)

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