WIWT (and yesterday)

Wardrobe Remix today!!

First off, this is the sweater I wore yesterday.
So warm and cozy.
I bought it at a new consignment shop in town, Mandelin's.
I changed the buttons from a basic brown one to three gold vintage buttons.
Sweater: Mandelin's, >$10

And today at work...
I was going for a mono/duo-tone look.
We had depositions at the office so I had to look


Dress: VV, $5
Tights: HUE, $10
Shoes: L.E.I., $20
Scarf: WM, $5
Earrings & Black "lava rock" bracelet: Silpada
"Other" bracelets: thrifted

And right now... I am lounging in THIS:
"Elsie" bow: Kelsy-made
Pantech Impact phone: AT&T
Hoodie: From my days as a competitive fastpitch player

Like the "sticker" on my phone?
The back of it, the battery cover, kept popping off.
And it was getting really annoying.
So I printed/cut out these "cup-cake toppers" and made one of the mustaches into a "sticker" with tape.
Now its on my phone.
And the battery cover is securly taped in place.

I am a GENIUS!

PS - I am hereby committing to blog-land
that I fully intend to take pics of and list a ton of new stuff in
my Etsy store by February 1st!!!

Bug me!
Nag me!
Hold me to it!
Don't let me flake!


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