Sozo, Wo Sakusei Suru, Kobu.

Imagine. Create. Inspire.
想像, を作成する, 鼓舞

You, yeah... you.

Love = Magic

Marilyn, in love.

Ruby "Slippers"

It's raining love!

Owl Always Love You!

Lovely Interior
'Cuz one day I will let Hubs get the Econovan he wants.
And I know he will let me decorate it.
Now THAT'S true love.

Girl/Blogger Crush!
Love, Elsie
Check out her BLOG PARTY today!
Lots of fun crafty tutorials and awesome style.
Love, Elsie, ElsieCake, RVA - I love it all!

She is also up for a BLOGGY this year, so go vote!!!

Doing my best "Elsie."
With lovely red nails!

And an "Elsie" bow.

All pictures courtesy of
A Beautiful Mess, weheartit, and KelsyC.

ETA - More LUV!

Super cute thrift finds!

Cute chairs to be lazy on a sunny weekend.
Spending hours.
Just people watching.

Nothing says "love" like a red rose.

Prettiest. Laundry day. Ever.
I still LOATHE it though.

Lovely Red Balloons.


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