Why Jill? Are YOU a Jill?

I've never really told "my story" when it comes to the name of my blog.
It's been two years? (Two really, holy moly!) NUTS!
So yeah, lets not get distracted...

1. Why Jill of All Trades?
When I think of myself, and my intrests, I can't really pin point one thing I am particularly good at. I like pretty much ALL crafts, and not even just crafts, learning in general. I like to be challenged. I'm good at a lot of things but never great. But I don't aspire to be "great" either. I just want to be happy. I have always called myself a "Jack of All Trades" crafter. But Jack isn't girly, cute, or feminine. Thus, Jack became Jill and my little blog was born.

I wanted a spot to be me.
A place where I could talk about whatever I wanted, relating mostly to crafts, parenting, and fashion.
A place where I can be as self-centered as I wanna be.

2. Are you a Jill?
A "Jill" is not afraid to get her hands dirty.
Her house is probably messier than most, but art fills her soul.
She is plauged by the need to create.
Jill is defined by the loves in her life, but still clings to her personal identity.
She is never afraid to try something new. Especially crafts.
Jill provides a creative environment for her child(ren).
She is not afraid to pull out the power tools or spray paint.
While wearing high heels and red lip stick.
She is not afraid to speak her mind and stick up for the little guy.
She doesn't care what people think about her (but she does, and its okay.)
She is wife, mother, daughter, sister, crafter.
She is Jill.

3. Jill is an "every-woman."
Yes, you can be a Jill.
Are you a working mom?
Do you cook?
Is crafting your passion?
Knitting, sewing, paper perhaps?
Interior Decorating?
Do you wear make-up everyday?
Wear high heels to the grocery store (a la Dita von Teese)?
Are you your husbands sex kitten?
Your children's cuddle bug?
Are you true to YOU?

Then you are a Jill.
I am a Jill.

I think we are all a little bit of Jill at heart!

By InspiredMess on Etsy.



Katt said...

Awesome post, and yes I am a Jill!

Shasta said...

Me too, and love that saying! :)

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